What is Starlink Identifier?

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Starlink Identifier Number

We must understand Starlink constellations before we delve into understanding a Starlink identifier. For those unaware, Starlink is the world’s largest and only satellite constellation providing broadband internet efficient enough to support online streaming, games, and video calls in over 60 countries.

This satellite constellation uses the Earth’s lower orbit to provide broadband services. The Starlink constellation comprises many satellites, in thousands, that orbit around the Earth and cover the entire globe. Launched in 2019 by SpaceX, an American aerospace company, the satellite constellation aims to provide mobile phone service globally after 2023. 

Role of Identifiers in Satellite Constellations  

One of the most important parts of satellite monitoring is satellite identification. Usually, the satellite identification processes are founded on the joint analysis of orbital and non-coordinate data. But the actual satellite identification techniques comprise data on all the launched objects, for example, analyzing a newly launched satellite constellation.

They then consider the structure of the satellite constellations and groups and their evolution. Different kinds of identification systems exist in satellite monitoring, each having its share of advantages and disadvantages. 

Those identification systems that use coded light signals and LEDs carry the advantage of being comparatively simple and are also capable of identifying satellites easily. Regarding identifiers in satellite constellations, they play a very prominent role as they help monitor the constellation, intimating in case of any lag, and also help understand their structure and future possibilities such constellations promise. 

Benefits and Challenges of Starlink Constellations

The Starlink constellations come with their own advantages and disadvantages. The major advantage of Starlink’s constellation is that it provides broadband services and low-latency communications crucial to economic sectors such as finance.

Moreover, the Starlink constellations will allow humanity to be more connected and provide a safe and secure world, owing to its better Earth navigation, observation, timing, and communication. Further, Starlink offers high-speed internet that is too unlimited and delivers up to 150 MBps of Internet speed. Their creator, SpaceX, plans to increase the speed in the coming times. Adding to the list of its advantages, Starlink allows for a comparatively easier and simpler system of hardware installation. 

While all these potential boons make Starlink Constellations stand out. However, the challenges and banes aren’t any less. One major issue the subscribers of Starlink constellations faces is that the satellite has extremely poor customer service, with some stating that the customer service is almost non-existent. Further, many subscribers have also complained that they are experiencing decreased internet speed and have thus stopped subscribing to Starlink. 

Further, one of the biggest advantages of Starlink was that it allows easy hardware installation. However, it has now posed a major challenge to its subscribers. Starlink and its creator don’t provide any help with installing such hardware, meaning the subscribers are left to figure out how the hardware will be installed. These challenges aren’t a deal breaker but can instead be easily resolved. Many subscribers predict that with the expansion of the constellation, one can see these challenges solving up. 

Types of Starlink Identifiers 

Are you looking to transfer your Starlink kit to another person? Then it would be best to remember that Starlink wouldn’t be held responsible for the hardware you sell to a third party. Therefore, someone will buy or sell Starlink hardware based on your promise. But before you do so, cancel all the existing subscription plans and ensure you pay all the remaining bills. Yet another work for you to do is provide the Starlink identifier to a person you have chosen to sell your Starlink Hardware. This Starlink identifier is different for all devices. Without knowing about it, you couldn’t use it for your benefit. Here are a few types of Starlink identifiers that might help you gain some information. 

  • Dish Serial Number: First, you can Identify your Starlink hardware by looking at the bottom of it. This serial number helps you identify the dish that will receive all the signals from Starlink satellites. 
  • Kit Serial Number: Secondly, to identify your Starlink, you can refer to the Starlink kit shipping label containing all the hardware for your Starlink to process smoothly.
  • Terminal ID: You can find the Terminal ID from the Starlink application settings and ID section. However, ensure you use the number without ut in front of it. 
  • New account holders: If you hold previous accounts on the Starlink domain, you wouldn’t be able to use transferred hardware. In this case, you can only access your existing hardware set. 

Assignment and Allocation of Starlink Identifiers 

The US space surveillance network provides the tracking numbers in Starlink hardware. The primary goal of these identifiers is to track and catalog objects revolving in space orbit, like the Starlink satellites. However, the Joint Space Operations Center, a separate wing of the US space command, handles the assignment and allocation of Starlink identifiers. These identifiers are mainly used to avoid any space collision, thereby keeping the space environment free of debris and safe for other objects. 

Regarding the process of these identifier allocations, they are subjected to constant change. Moreover, it mostly depends upon the information the parent company provides, like Space X. From the beginning, Starlink is launching its satellites into massive constellations. In each satellite, the identifiers have continued to be uniquely numbered by Joint Space Operations Center. 

Starlink Identifiers Usage

There are plenty of use cases when it comes to Starlink identifiers. The points mentioned below could help you get a better understanding of them. 


One of the primary use cases of Starlink identifiers is their help in identifying uniquely numbered Starlink devices. Each Starlink device that SpaceX manufactures is separately numbered, making it challenging to identify when you want to pass it on to someone. Moreover, you couldn’t operate the device normally without knowing the Starlink Identifier number


The Starlink satellites are directly launched into space, so you must adequately number your device. Or else it will be challenging the identify your Starlink satellite from thousands of flying objects in space. In addition, if your Starlink satellite, for some reason, starts malfunctioning, you can use the Starlink Identifiers to locate them. Therefore, the Starlink Identifiers also trace the satellites roaming outside the surrounding Earth. 


The Starlink Identifiers are also responsible for providing a unique distinction to each satellite launched by the Starlink circuit. Depending upon the identification, you can determine from which launch pad the satellite has been pushed into space. As there are thousands of similar broadband service satellites orbiting around space. 


Starlink constellation is indeed a pioneer in aerospace and will pave the way to newer and better satellite constellations. While it may face lags here and there, overall, it has become a boon to mankind. With the incorporation of better technologies, Starlink constellations can achieve greater heights. 

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