Starlink Motor Stuck: Step-by-Step Solution

Josh Wakata

Starlink Motor Stuck

The internet can be accessed through communication satellites, where the internet provider sends a signal to the satellite in space, which is then captured in the user’s installed satellite dish. Starlink is one such satellite, which claims to be the World’s most advanced broadband satellite internet and uses a low Earth orbit.

As the satellites move across the sky, the motor adjusts that movement so there are no interruptions in the internet connection. This broadband satellite internet can aid online streaming, gaming, video calls, and other heavy-duty internet activities. 

Starlink Motor System

The motor system of the Satellite internet is its most vital part in enabling the whole process. So it performs quite an integral role.

Providing Internet in all parts of the World: Starlink Motor strives to provide service in the rural and most geographically remote areas, where the Internet usually does not reach or is very weak. So the significant goal of this satellite internet is to provide internet in all corners of the World. 

High-speed internet: Starlink uses low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites; it lies only 300 miles above surface level. This level causes low latency, which in turn gives high internet speed. 

Suitable for all kinds of weather: Starlink is designed to withstand all kinds of weather conditions, extreme cold, heat, rain, winds, or snow. The performance remains intact.

A bridge across the digital divide: The project, due to its remarkable features, has a high potential to bridge the digital divide that is widely existing even today. 

Self-repositioning for stable connection: The motor repositions itself every time the satellite moves across the constellation, providing proper alignment of internet service to the user’s dish satellite. Therefore maintaining a stable internet connection is essential.

Works as a link between Satellite and Dish: All in all, the motor maintains the link between the satellite in orbit and the dish in the user’s place. 

The purpose of the motor is to track the satellite, communicate with it, realign the position, and adapt itself, for maintaining the connection of high-speed data, in all parts of the World, even the remotest places. 

Issues with Starlink Motors

Even though the Satellite Internet project strives to provide the best possible connection service, there are instances where specific issues pop up. These issues cause Starlink Motors to get stuck. A notification showing ‘Starlink motor stuck’ on the app then pops up. 


The most commonly faced problem is obstruction. Sometimes, the motor fails to detect or dodge the satellite from objects such as trees, buildings, or hills on its way of movement. This causes interruption of the internet signal and, in many cases, even for the motor to fail. 

Tilted or displaced antenna

There are cases where the dish is not appropriately placed; that is, it somehow gets displaced, tilted, or not vertical. Thus obstructing the antenna from catching up with the internet signal. 

Improperly installed

The issue of not catching the signal can also be due to the wrong way of installing the dish. 

Not enough Satellite to connect with

There might also be an issue of Starlink getting disconnected. It could be due to not having enough satellites directly above the place where the dish is, hence causing connection problems. 

Hardware issue

The motor being stuck could also be a particular hardware issue. In that case, customer care must be contacted, and the dish must be replaced if required. 

Troubleshooting Starlink Motor Stuck

In troubleshooting a stuck Starlink motor, a step-by-step procedure needs to be undertaken to find out the root cause of why it is stuck and then fix it accordingly. 

  • Step 1: The first and foremost thing one must do in such a situation is to look around the dish. Find if it has any physically visible problem, such as being tilted, not vertical. 
  • Step 2: Then check for any obstructions on the connection path of the dish and the satellite. 
  • Step 3: Also check if there is no problem with the power supply causing the internet interruption. 
  • Step 4: Try unplugging for some time and then plugging back in and see if that works. 
  • Step 5: One can also physically realign the motor and check if it works by moving it a certain way or angle. 
  • Step 6: Rebooting the motor and restarting the whole procedure gives it a kickstart, allowing it to work better. 
  • Step 7: If a firmware update is available, that update must also be taken, as many times an update can remove the lags or issues. 

Sometimes even if the motor is working just fine and an unobstructed pathway exists, this message of the motor being stuck gets displayed. It can be avoided in such cases as it might be a glitch.

Resolving Starlink Motor Stuck Problem

To resolve issues of a stuck Starlink motor, it is vital to follow the troubleshooting ways and see if any works to resolve the stuck motor issue. Or else it is crucial to stow, i.e., move the Starlink dish to its original orientation. It can be done through the Starlink app. Another thing that could be done immediately is to reboot the Starlink router. It clears all the caches and lags, restarting the process for better performance. It can be either unplugged or through the app.

The antenna motor can also be turned off. This allows manually pointing the antenna wherever one wants and changing its angle. Sometimes, there is a firmware update error. This error usually recovers itself. If nothing works, contact customer care service and report the issue. They would provide the best guidance. 

The primary fix here is installing the Starlink dish in a place with no obstruction and a clear sky above. 

Preventive Measures for Motor Issues

To prevent the Starlink motor from being stuck, certain precautions must be taken, although very simple. Firstly, the area where the dish and its antenna are being kept must avoid physical disruption, like it should not get touched by anything. The dish must be kept entirely in a clear area, under a clear sky, for proper connection with the satellite. Next, it must be regularly checked that no litter must accumulate on the dish. The user must also watch whether the dish gets misaligned or tilted too much, which may cause disconnection from the satellite above. Other than these, timely updates must be done for better functioning of the whole internet process.

After applying every troubleshooting method and you are still getting the same issue with the motor then you can also take a look at Starlink warranty, You can replace the dish also.


Elon Musk looks forward to rebuilding the internet in space for the long term with the help of Starlink. These satellites aim to carry extensive information swiftly to every place in the World that cable internet could not reach. 

But like any existing program, even this one has a few drawbacks. The standard issue of the Starlink motor being stuck is usually resolved by repositioning the dish to a proper angle and clearing out obstructions. 

Keeping aside the minor impediments in this giant project, SpaceX has disclosed that Starlink will have about 1.5 million subscribers worldwide in May 2023.

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