Starlink Rental Option: Should you Rent or Buy?

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Starlink provides internet access to some specified countries where you do not need to purchase the hardware kit. You need to pay the monthly rent to use their internet services. One of the features of the Starlink Rent option is that it is within your budget, and you get fast and reliable internet connectivity.

However, the services are available only for residential purposes. So, if you want to get the services of Starlink, you need to pay for the installation cost. You can continue using the smooth connectivity by only paying the monthly charges.

How Does the Starlink Rent Option Work?

Recently, subscribing to an internet service was a costly affair. You had to pay a hefty amount for the installation and the required hardware. However, with all the new rent options of Starlink, you need to pay the activation fee and enjoy uninterrupted internet by paying the monthly rental charges. Hence, residents of the selected countries where Starlink is available need not invest in the hardware and the kits required for an internet connection.

What is attractive regarding the Starlink rent option is that if you do not want to use the internet connectivity, you will get a return of the activation fee within thirty days. Hence, the contract between you and the company is only for the period you use their internet connectivity. However, within your subscription, if there is any damage to the hardware, you must pay a considerable amount to compensate for the loss.  

Therefore, if you want to subscribe to Starlink services, you can purchase the entire kit or get them on rent. The rent for the hardware is only $15 per month, and the service charges are $75 per month. There are no shipping charges. Once you subscribe, you will get an uninterrupted and reliable internet service at any time of the day.

Benefits of Renting Starlink

There are various benefits that a customer can enjoy with a Starlink subscription. 

Cost Effective

One of the prime benefits of subscribing to Starlink is that it is affordable and within your budget. It is because you do not have to pay a hefty amount for the hardware and internet kit. You need to pay only the service charges and the rent of the hardware, which is quite nominal, and the activation fee. Once you want to end the contract, you will get a return of the activation fee of $39 within thirty days.

Easy upgrades

As a Starlink subscriber, you will understand why it was a beneficial investment. It is because, along with the high-speed internet connectivity, you do not need to upgrade manually. The upgradation is automatic and hassle-free. Hence, you will get fast and smooth internet connectivity at any time of the day.


Since Startlink services use advanced technology, the maintenance cost is also low. Moreover, there is no requirement to get the services of a professional to maintain the system. A user can easily do the needful according to the requirement.

Easy Set-up

One benefit of subscribing to Starlink’s services is the set-up and installation of the hardware and the internet kit. Installing the hardware is easy and does not need to crack your brains.

High on demand

Since Starlink has gained popularity in the short term, it continues to provide high-speed internet connectivity. So, if you want an uninterrupted and fast internet connection, Starlink is your only solution.

Cost Analysis: Renting vs. Owning Starlink Equipment

When it comes to opting for the best internet services that are fast and reliable, Starlink is the best option for you. So, before you subscribe to Starlink services, you need to know the two available options. You either rent the hardware and the internet kit or you purchase them. However, you will get the same internet connectivity for both options.

If you are a first-time subscriber of Starlink and do not want to invest a hefty amount for the hardware and internet kits, you can always opt for the rental services. Apart from the monthly service fee, you need to pay for the hiring charges of the hardware, which are as low as $ 15 monthly. You must also pay the refundable activation charges of $ 99. 

On the other hand, if you want to go for a direct purchase, you need to pay a hefty sum for the hardware and the internet kit. The standard one is less, but if you opt for the high-performance Starlink dish, the amount is comparatively high. Moreover, it will also become a wasteful investment if you want to discontinue the services from Starlink. 

Hence, if you opt for the Starlink rental options, you can return the hardware as you only have to pay for them monthly as long as you use it.

Eligibility and Availability of the Rent Option

Starlink is available only in some selected countries. Moreover, Starlink’s rental option is only available in some places. Hence, before subscribing to Starlink services, check all the necessary details.

Following are the rental options of Starlink.

  • When you subscribe to Starlink, you must pay a one-time activation fee. The fee is refundable once you cut off with Starlink. You will get the refund within thirty days.
  • Once your Starllink arrives at your destination, you will be charged an amount as rent for the hardware kit within twenty days of the shipment. The monthly rental fee is chargeable as long as you are an active customer of Starlink.
  • You must return the hardware kit to Starlink after canceling your subscription. However, a penalty will be charged if the hardware kit arrives damaged or tampered with.
  • As long as you are a Starlink subscriber, you need to pay a monthly fee as service charges for using the internet connectivity of Starlink. Crossing the required monthly date allows you to purchase additional data according to your needs and requirements.

How to Sign Up for Starlink Rent Option 

The rental option of Starlink is only available in select countries. You can easily subscribe with the Starlink Rent option if you are lucky. First, you need to visit the official website of Starlink and type in your address to check the available options. You can choose the residential tab, where you will be eligible to rent the required hardware to get your internet connectivity. Once you click on the rent tab, you must correctly enter all the required dates. It takes about two weeks to ship the hardware to your destination. You can pay online through net banking or debit or credit card.

Next, you need to choose the plans according to your requirements. The Standard Service Plan is primarily for residential users with high internet connectivity and options for downloads. The Priority Service Plan is for users, particularly businesses, government, and educational institutions. However, if you exhaust your data, there is a rollover.

Setting Up Starlink: Renters’ Guide 

Once the Starlink shipment arrives at your destination, you need to check them thoroughly. Usually, the Starlink kit contains a Starlink dish, a dish mount, and a Wi-Fi router base. It also contains a power cable for the base unit and a cable to connect the router to the dish. 

First, unplug the dish and insert the mast onto the mount. Plug the connector cable to the router and the dish. You must ensure that you are connecting the correct plugs. It is advisable to install the dish where there are no obstructions. Else there will be a snag in your connectivity. Check the connectivity in your phone or PC. You can start your journey with fast and reliable internet connectivity if everything is in order.

Potential Future Upgrades and Services for Renters

Recently, Starlink has gained a lot of popularity among internet users. Presently they are available in some select countries, but soon, it is likely to take over the entire world. Moreover, Starlink also aims to provide its users with the best internet connectivity with high bandwidth. It will satisfy the users with fast and high internet connectivity.

Starlink has also started providing fast internet connectivity to users residing in remote areas, which was not possible with the other internet providers. Hence, the primary objective of Starlink is to serve customers with high internet connectivity so that it does not hamper their work.

How do I request an electronic invoice (CFDI) from Starlink?


Starlink has been emerging as a popular internet service provider for many. Though the services of Starlink are limited to certain countries, soon, it will spread to other countries. One of the specialties of Starlink is that it provides an option to the users to either purchase the hardware kit or take them on rent. Hence, a new subscriber gets the opportunity to experience the services of Starlink’s internet connectivity without any investment.

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