Starlink Travel Case: Review And Details

Jessica Watkins

Starlink Travel Case

Starlink Roam has become one of the most sought-after options for travelers, RV, and van dwellers. It allows them to have internet access anytime and anywhere and stay connected to the world, even remotely. This high-speed internet service has thus become an integral part of their daily lives.

However, protecting the hardware while traveling from one place to another is essential. This is where a Starlink case will come in extremely handy. It will allow you to carry the dish, the cables, and everything without worrying about any damages caused during transit.

Features and Design

In addition to the Starlink label, logo, and branding, there are a few specific aspects in the design of the Starlink travel case. These features make this official accessory so valuable and effective solution to protect the hardware kit. 


This travel case is truly impressive with its superb design and lightweight construction, weighing less than 10 lbs. It boasts dimensions of 25.5 inches in length, 17 inches in width, and 13.25 inches in height, making it convenient to take along wherever your journey leads you.


The customized design of the travel case ensures safe accommodation of the satellite dish, the cables, and mounting hardware in their dedicated compartments. This ensures a snug fit and prevents damage due to movements during traveling.

Water resistance

The travel case may also have an additional waterproof cover beside the water-resistant interior. This will ensure additional protection of the components within the case.

Single unit

Despite different dedicated spaces to hole the different components of the hardware kit, the Starlink travel case is a single unit. It has different partitions made of solid foam to hold all the components firmly. Everything in it is well-organized, with the router, stand, and cables placed accordingly and the fabric protective layer at the top, where you place the satellite dish. Finally, zip it to shut the case properly and securely. 

Strong outer shell

Usually made from strong plastic, the outer shell is quite flexible. Its strength prevents damage to the components within during transport. And its flexibility prevents cracks or dents on the case if it falls or moves during transit. The nice texture of the exterior does not make sit look nice and feel great but also prevents the case from scratches and scuffs during loading or unloading it.

Rigid Styrofoam interior

The inside of the case is pretty strong and will not chip away easily. Apart from the inch-thick foam, the fabric divider isolates the dish from developing scratches from the remaining components.

The Need for a Starlink Travel Case

There are quite a few significant factors that make the travel case a valuable and essential accessory for Starlink Roam users, such as:


The case offers higher and safer portability than the hardware kit. As said earlier, the Starlink travel case will add convenience while carrying the hardware kit from one place to another. It will make the entire set of hardware more portable no matter which location and how far you carry it.


The Starlink satellite dish and other accessories will hold the components firmly on the dedicated slots, thereby offering a higher level of protection, guaranteed. All these are delicate and vulnerable components and need optimal protection from damage caused due to external factors. The Starlink travel case will prevent any damage caused due to dust, moisture, and physical shocks during transportation. 

All parts in one place

Within the travel case, you will have all the necessary components to use Starlink Roam in a single place. This will ensure none of the essentials are misplaced and make deployment of the hardware kit in a new location much quicker and easier.

You can even get customized Starlink travel cases with additional pouches to carry the router power cord and cables if you have specific needs. Apart from precise organization and a snug fit, these tailored cases will reduce unnecessary bulk.

Setting up Starlink with the Travel Case 

 You should always refer to the Starlink guidelines while setting it up. Here are a few basic steps to follow for a perfect setup:

  • Unpack the travel case and check that you have all the components required to set up the equipment, the satellite dish, mounting stand, cables, power supply, and others.
  • Choose a location without obstructions from trees, tall buildings, or others. This will ensure optimal reception of the satellite signals.
  • Set the tripod stand following the instructions in the manual and place it properly so it does not wobble.
  • Fix the user terminal to the tripod and position it to the clear northern sky if you are in the northern hemisphere or to the southern sky if you are in the southern hemisphere. Make sure that the angle of projection is about 45 degrees. 
  • Connect the power cable to the user terminal and the other that connects to the router.

Now that you are done with the physical setup switch the system on, align and adjust the user terminal, wait for a few minutes for the system to establish a connection with the satellite, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the remaining aspects of the setup process, and connect the devices to the network. 

Benefits of Using the Starlink Travel Case 

The user-friendly design of the travel case allows quick and easy packing and unpacking of the components. Other than that, some other benefits of it are:

  • Durability – The entire case and its compartments are designed to be durable and made from strong and rugged materials. This protects sensitive electronic components from damage due to physical impacts.
  • Padding – High-quality foam is used in the interior casing of the travel case to cushion the components held in the dedicated slots. This protects the hardware parts against shocks or vibrations during transportation.
  • Security – The case comes with security features that prevent theft or tampering of the components. It comes with built-in locks and may also allow using additional padlocks, depending on the model, to offer additional security during traveling.
  • Easy to carry – Adding to the convenience and portability, the handles of the Starlink travel case make it easy to carry. It may also have additional detachable straps so you can carry it on your shoulder if you prefer it over carrying it in your hands. 
  • Ventilation – Traveling for a long time may cause overheating, damaging the components. These cases usually have better ventilation to ensure easy and proper heat dissipation if you intend to power the system inside the case itself.

Overall, the travel case is designed to be compact and carry all the necessary components. Moreover, it is made from materials that keep its weight low so that carrying it does not cause additional stress on your hand or shoulders.


It is essential to protect the Starlink Roam hardware kit while traveling. The Starlink travel case is the perfect storage for it, ensuring that. Choose a regular variant of it or go for a customized travel case if you have specific needs. There are also a few other travel cases of third-party manufacturers that you can also use. Still, carrying your hardware kit in a dedicated and thoughtfully designed travel case is prudent.  

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