Starlink Internet Plans and Monthly Cost

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Starlink Internet Plans and Cost

Technological improvements in communication are beyond impressive. Today, we can communicate with people from the other end of the world with a simple call, thanks to global internet connectivity.

One of the key players in making this possible is Space X, with its Starlink internet connection. So, if you live in the remote suburbs of Nevada or looking forward to traveling across Europe in your RV, If you are looking for Startlink monthly cost and total cost for buying Starlink then keep reading to find out.

Starlink Internet Plans

Once you sign up for Starlink internet connection, you receive a package with everything you need to keep you connected. The package comes with a Starlink dish/receiver, a WiFi router, base support, and power supply cables. 

Upon installation, you sign up for a Starlink internet plan that suits your internet demands and budget. So, which are these internet plans to choose from?

Starlink offers 3 plans: Starlink, Starlink RV, and Starlink Business. All these plans come with different download speeds and prices. Here are things to know about these plans.

1. Starlink Business

Starlink Business

Starlink is known to be reliable among its users. The high-speed internet users who depend on Starlink also enjoy low-latency broadband internet on a first-come, first-served basis. 

In 2022, Space X launched the Starlink business plan.

This premium internet service came with higher download speeds and, consequently, prices. The system comes with a higher gain antenna, improved extreme weather performance, and improved throughput allocation. 

Starlink Business Download Speeds

Users subscribed to the Starlink business plan enjoy download speeds of up to 350Mbps. The low latency promise from Space X also comes to life with the latencies on the Starlink premium being as low as 20-40ms.

With these numbers, you can rely on Starlink to keep your office or business running effectively, with up to 20 users.

Starlink business kit

The Starlink kit comes with a base mount, the satellite dish, power supply cables, and a WiFi router. And like any Starlink product, users need a clear view of the sky to mount their internet set up. Users also enjoy prioritized customer support, with IPv4 addresses that are public and reroutable.

Starlink Business Plan prices

With higher speeds and more throughput allocation come higher prices. And this is true, even for Starlink Business plans, as users have to pay $500 per month for the subscription.

For the initial installation, users also pay about $2,500 for shipping and the purchase cost of the hardware.  

However, Musk, the CEO and founder of Space X, promised users that the company is taking action to reduce the equipment cost of their Starlink kits to as low as $250. The only problem is that this promise has yet to deliver a delivery date, and current inflation rates need to improve it. 

2. Starlink RV

Starlink for RV

Who says traveling has to be done in complete isolation from the internet? Starlink thinks otherwise and offers travelers an impressive internet connection package. 

Starlink RV is a plan interned for travelers. The plan allows users moving around access to high-speed, low-latency internet on a need basis. So, if you arrive at your destination and need to access the internet, play games, or send out that email, all you need to do is unpause your subscription and enjoy. 

The plan has 3 core advantages:

  • In-motion use – Users can enjoy a reliable internet connection while in motion, thanks to the wide field of view of the satellites, coupled with the advanced GPS capabilities. 
  • Portable use- Provided you are in an area with Starlink coverage, you can depend on the Starlink RV to work. It is easy to set up and break down. 
  • Coverage in remote areas- Starlink RV is the perfect solution for customers traveling in areas with no internet connection. It is reliable. However, during peak hours, the internet speeds are low capacity, which means slower speeds, but during off-peak hours, users can enjoy up to 250Mbps. 

Starlink RV download speeds

If you are traveling to locations with unreliable or no connection, Starlink RV should be your go-to choice. The users experience high speed and low latency but at a cost. You can expect to pay as high as $599 upfront for the hardware and subscription. 

Consequently, starlink price per month drops to $135 per month. After that, you can pay for the internet connection as you go, given that Starlink RV allows customers to pause and resume their service whenever they want.

What if you are traveling on a cruise or an airplane? For both, Starlink offers Starlink Maritime and Starlink Aviation plans. 

Starlink Aviation

Starlink Aviation

Starlink Aviation allows its users to enjoy reliable internet connection, even at high altitudes. The package hardware costs $150,000, with the Starlink monthly cost ranging from $12,500 to $25,000 per month. The download speeds are as high as 350Mbps per plane. 

Starlink Maritime

Starlink in Maritime, Boat

If you have a yacht, a cruise business, or enjoy taking months cruising in the ocean, then you can sign up for the Starlink Maritime plan, which costs as high as $5,000. The set-up cost, however, can be as high as $10,000, which includes 2 satellite dishes fixed on the boat. 

3. Starlink Residential

Starlink Residential

If you are not traveling or do not need internet for your business, you can go with a basic plan, that Starlink plan cost $110 per month. Equipment cost for this plan goes as high as $600, with the internet speeds ranging between 50Mbps and 250Mbps. 

Starlink Bundles

While Starlink is a reputable internet provider to customers, it is yet to release a TV or voice bundle. Currently, you can only use one terminal per account.

However, plans point towards a Starlink Bundle offering multiple terminals from one account.

How good is the Starlink internet?

Today, Space X has over 3,000 Starlink satellites in space. This means that the mega constellation is coming to life, and the internet connection is improving with every waking moment. 

As of January 2023, Starlink had over 1,000,000 subscribers, which keeps growing. The company has partnered with airlines, cruise ships, and other transportation means to ensure that everyone in motion remains connected to the internet. 

These numbers speak of how good the internet from space is. 

In terms of speed, Space X promises its users up to 250Mbps. However, this is only an average of the range provided by the network, which can be as low as 50Mbps or as high as 500Mbps. 

Where does Starlink internet work best?

The overhead operations of a Starlink satellite are complicated. However, the internet connection is one of the easiest to use. These satellites serve several users in an area while connected to multiple ground stations. 

Each base station can handle a certain bandwidth. So, if the area has few users, then the internet speeds become high. However, if the area has more people, congestion becomes a real problem,

While Starlink can resolve the congestion issue by adding more satellites to the constellation or limiting subscribers per base station, Starlink satellite is best suited for users located in remote areas.

These areas have lower population densities. Consequently, users can enjoy a fast internet connection, even with little infrastructure.

You can only access Starlink internet across the US, Canada, Australia, Denmark, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, and New Zealand. The Netherlands and The UK are also connected, with more satellites being launched into space every month. 


Starlink internet plans may be less affordable for small-scale users, but the services are praiseworthy. The service comes with unlimited internet data, low latency, and fast broadband speeds. The hardware is also easy to install. The only downside is the cost. However, you get a good connection in the sky, the ocean, or the heart of the Amazon forest. 

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