Starlink Ethernet Adapter Setup, Review, And Alternatives

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starlink ethernet adapter

Starlink recently made significant advancements in its product offerings. The company has introduced a new and improved product, the Ethernet adapter, to enhance internet connections for its users. The introduction of this new product is a response to the increasing demand for reliable and high-speed internet connections, particularly in remote and underserved areas.

The Ethernet adapter is a new type of wireless connection that bypasses the need for an internet service provider and connects directly to Starlink’s satellite network. The adapter has been designed to offer several benefits over traditional wireless internet connections, such as faster speeds and better consistency.

The Ethernet adapter allows Starlink internet users to extend their coverage and access the internet in areas where traditional internet service providers are unavailable.

Starlink has made changes to its first-generation kits to accommodate the Ethernet adapter. The company has introduced an Ethernet port in these kits, allowing users to connect the adapter to their devices and access the internet.

Additionally, in the second-generation kits, Starlink has replaced the Ethernet ports with the Ethernet adapter, providing users with an even more advanced and efficient solution for internet connectivity.

The Ethernet adapter also features an Ethernet port, enabling a wired connection with devices such as laptops, smart TVs, and gaming consoles. This added feature provides users with an additional range of internet access, allowing them to connect wired devices to the internet without needing additional hardware.

Starlink Ethernet Adapter 

The Starlink Ethernet adapter is a new product released by SpaceX at the end of 2021. This adapter is designed for use with the second-generation Starlink terminals, which have a square-shaped dish antenna that does not have room for an AUX or Ethernet port. The adapter allows for a wired connection to the terminal by providing an Ethernet port, a dish proprietary port, and a dish connector.

The new adapter has a waterproof connector, a feature not present in the earlier versions of the Starlink terminals. The adapter connects the dish terminal to the Wi-Fi router, and the double-sided board contains connectors and an Ethernet circuit. Essentially, the adapter functions as a Dishy Ethernet + Power over Ethernet (PoE) pass-through and an Ethernet transformer.

The adapter allows a router with a 2-port switch to be used; the first port is used for the Dishy terminal, and all of the required Ethernet front end is available on the router panel.

The second port is primarily for AUX and Ethernet, but the Ethernet transformer is now built into the adapter. The Starlink Ethernet adapter provides a wired connection to the Starlink terminal, allowing faster and more reliable internet access.

Functioning of the Starlink Ethernet Adapter

The adapted is a networking accessory that facilitates the connection between the Starlink satellite dish and a Wi-Fi router. It enables the connection of wired network devices such as printers, making it an ideal solution for users looking to expand their network coverage and utilize advanced router features. The adapter can be used in conjunction with a separate router or mesh system to enhance coverage and increase internet access speed.

The Ethernet adapter allows for expanded coverage by using additional wired devices. It features an Ethernet port that enables a wired connection to devices such as laptops and smart TVs, thereby increasing the range of internet access.

Additionally, the adapter provides a bypass mode in the Starlink app, which allows users to turn off all Wi-Fi functionality and only use the Ethernet connection. This feature can increase the speed of the Ethernet connection.

How to Buy a Starlink Ethernet Adapter

Ethernet adapters are a popular and useful accessory for Starlink users, providing a reliable connection to wired networks. However, purchasing the Starlink Ethernet adapter requires some important steps to ensure functionality and avoid counterfeit products.

To purchase the Starlink Ethernet adapter, it is recommended to use official Starlink websites or trusted third-party retailers such as Amazon or the Starlink accessories store. Due to high demand, fake Ethernet adapters have been known to appear on the market, so it is important to buy from a reputable source.

To purchase the Ethernet adapter from the official Starlink store, the following steps are recommended:

  1. Ensure you have a Starlink account and can access the official Starlink store.
  2. If you only have a preorder deposit fee of $99, you will not be able to purchase official Starlink accessories. Only when your order is renewed to a full order can you access the store and purchase the Starlink Ethernet adapter.
  3. Go to the search bar on the Starlink store and type in “Starlink Ethernet adapter” to see the variations available.
  4. Select the adapter that matches your needs and add it to your cart.
  5. Check out the Ethernet adapter from the store, choose a payment method, and wait for your adapter to be shipped to you.

It should be noted that while it is difficult to purchase mounts and other accessories without first purchasing the Starlink kit, you can purchase various Starlink accessories from third-party stores. However, it is important to ensure that you are purchasing from a reputable source to avoid counterfeit products.

How to install the Starlink Ethernet Adapter

How to install the Starlink Ethernet Adapter

Installing the Starlink Ethernet adapter is a straightforward process. To install the adapter, please follow these steps:

  1. Locate the two ports on the bottom of your router, the antenna port, and the power supply port.
  2. Unplug the antenna cable from your Starlink dish to the Starlink router.
  3. Plug the antenna cable into the Ethernet adapter.
  4. Connect the Ethernet adapter to the Starlink router and ensure it is securely in place.
  5. Connect the other end of the adapter to your desired device, such as a printer.

It is important to note that the internet signal path should flow from the Starlink dish, through the Ethernet adapter, and then out to your router. The Ethernet adapter has only one Ethernet port, so if you need to connect more devices, you must plug an Ethernet cable from the adapter into an Ethernet switch.

Starlink now allows the purchase of an Ethernet adapter that connects to the base station, which allows you to connect your router and Starlink to the same Ethernet access switch without requiring a WAN over a Wi-Fi bridge.

Things you should know about the Starlink Ethernet Adapter

Before purchasing the Starlink Ethernet adapter, it is important to consider the following information:

  1. The adapter has a cost of $25, which is a relatively minor expense in comparison to the cost of the Starlink dish. This price includes shipping and handling.
  2. The adapter only has one Ethernet port, which limits it to supporting one device via Ethernet. To connect multiple devices, an Ethernet switch can be used.
  3. The adapter is shipped separately from the Starlink dish, even when ordered simultaneously.
  4. The adapter supports up to 1Gbps but is limited to Starlink download speeds.
  5. The adapter is intended for indoor use only, as it is not robust enough to withstand harsh weather conditions like the Starlink dish. It is not meant for outdoor installation.

Starlink Ethernet Adapter Alternatives: 

  1. Bros Trend AC1200 WIFI to Ethernet Adapter: This adapter allows you to connect wired devices to Wi-Fi, providing internet access via a wireless connection. It supports a wide range of devices and does not require driver installation or updates. It offers high wireless speeds of up to 867Mbps on 5GHz Wi-Fi or 300Mbps on 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and has universal compatibility with any 802.11ax/ac/a/b/g/n Wi-Fi routers.
  2. Starlink Ethernet adapters for the wired external network: Starlink-produced product which is specifically designed for Starlink satellite systems and allows for multiple wired connections.
  3. Starlink Ethernet cable: An Ethernet cable can connect different routers to your home setup or extend coverage when the included router does not provide adequate coverage. Starlink customers can purchase Ethernet cables through the Starlink shop. Ethernet cables provide more reliable and consistent speeds than a Wi-Fi connection.

To connect the Ethernet cable to the Starlink router, you must plug one end of the cable into the Ethernet port on the router and the other end into the device you are connecting. This will establish a wired connection between the device and the router.

Exactly how to connect an Ethernet cable to a Starlink router

When Starlink coverage is not as wide as needed, or there is a dire need to connect wired devices to the internet, the suitable Ethernet cable is the 23AWG CAT6/CAT6A cable, which contributes around 0.03 ohms per meter for a continuous run of data supply. Starlink Ethernet cables are built in a plug-and-play design allowing for direct connection. Below are steps to follow to connect your Ethernet cable to a Starlink router;

  1. Take out the power cable from the back of the router
  2. Connect one end of the first Ethernet port on the back of one Ethernet cable. Position the cable so that the extending tab extends out from the side of the connector and faces the same direction as the cutout, and push until you feel a click.
  3. Connect another Ethernet cable to any of the remaining ports on the router
  4. Proceed to connect the Ethernet cable to your desired external device, such as a computer or printer
  5. Reconnect the power cables for the wireless router; within 30 seconds, you should be able to use the internet on the wired computer. 

Pros of using Ethernet with your Starlink router

Ethernet, when used with a Starlink router, has some advantages such as:

  • Speed – Ethernet’s primary benefit is high data transfer speed. A wireless connection is much more flexible but cannot offer the required data transfer speed. Starlink Ethernet uses the gigabyte Ethernet cable, thus offering speeds of up to 1 Gb download speeds.
  • Power efficiency – Ethernet cables are also power efficient and thus can save you a dime in electrical bills. The energy consumption of Ethernet cables is lower than that of a Wi-Fi connection; hence power efficient.
  • Better data transfer quality – Ethernet boosts transfer speeds and offers high-quality data transfer without noise. Ethernet is robust against electromagnetic noise, which creates disruptions and degrades the quality of data transfer
  • Data security – Ethernet is the most reliable network regarding data security. Ethernet connection offers higher data security when compared to other internet connections.
  • Cost-effective – Starlink Ethernet may be a wired connection and require a complete setup of wires during installation. However, it saves equipment costs and offers the best value for your investment.
  • Easy to troubleshoot – Ethernet connection is quite easy to install and maintain. Troubleshooting in case of damage or malfunction is easy and simple to troubleshoot.

Mesh Wi-Fi router connection

When network coverage is the primal necessity, you might need a third-party Starlink mesh router. Starlink routers have mesh- capabilities that spice it up for only $130 per node. Mesh connection allows up to 3 nodes per user account, whereby each node uses dual brand wireless as the standard router.

Adding a node can greatly extend your Wi-Fi coverage, eliminating the need for running wires or Ethernet extenders. The mesh node picks up the Wi-Fi signal from your existing Starlink router and extends it, providing seamless coverage across a broader area.

The Starlink Mesh Wi-Fi Router also has the necessary connection to connect the Ethernet Adapter to your mesh node, giving you a wired port wherever you need it in the house. As with adding your router, you can connect your Starlink to a third-party Wi-Fi mesh system. 

Steps to setting up Starlink mesh Wi-Fi 

The setup is simple and straightforward if you use the technical details in the Starlink app. The toughest part is simply finding a good spot to plug it in. Below are simple steps to set up your Starlink mesh Wi-Fi:

  • Put the router in a strong Wi-Fi signal area, away from the base unit. Face in the direction of a weak spot and plug the node in the farthest point where a stable signal is available
  • After you have positioned the mesh node, plug it into a power outlet. 
  • Proceed to open the Starlink app and wait for the app to identify the new node. Follow the instructions provided to join your current Wi-Fi network. 
  • If you wish to extend your wireless coverage further, repeat the process with a second or third mesh node.


Do I need a Starlink Ethernet adapter?

The first gen dish came with a Wi-Fi router with an Ethernet port. To cut costs and limit hardware delays due to supply chain issues, Starlink eliminated the Ethernet port on newer Starlink routers.

How much is the Starlink Ethernet adapter?

The Starlink Ethernet adapter fetches $25 when purchased directly from the manufacturer.

Can you use an Ethernet switch with Starlink?

Starlink now allows for the purchase of an Ethernet adapter. It allows the connection of the Starlink on the same Ethernet access switch.

Can you extend the Starlink Ethernet cable?

The flat high-performance dish comes with a cable that is 26.2ft; thus, no cable extension.

How long is the Starlink Ethernet adapter?

The Ethernet adapter measures 6.46 *4.69*1.46 inches.

Why did Starlink remove the Ethernet port?

The new generation of Starlink terminals was released at the end of 2021. The dish design is square and completely redesigned to be more cost-effective; thus no AUX and Ethernet ports on the router.


Are you planning to get a Starlink and wonder whether it is compatible with Ethernet? Then you are answered. The Starlink kit alone has no Ethernet port necessitating the user to connect only the Wi-Fi. But with an external device such as the Ethernet adapter, you can connect your Starlink through a wired connection.

Starlink does support Ethernet capabilities; hence you will need to purchase a separate Ethernet adapter. In conclusion, the Starlink Ethernet adapter is an excellent way to add back functionality to your router via Ethernets, even though the second-generation Starlink dish routers removed the option. The ease of installation and relatively low prices make it an excellent long-term investment.

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